The Alexander Technique has a long tradition of helping people transform their lives by providing them with tools to stay calm and centred, even throughout difficult or stressful times.
With the Alexander Technique we study ourselves through simple movements like sitting, standing and walking. Later on, activities we love to do are explored, like playing an instrument or reading, as well as things everyone has to do, like hoovering the house or carrying heavy shopping.
The Alexander Technique is a method that teaches us how to regain that same effortless way of being like young children have. They rarely need to stress or strain over doing things, and even when they do, they don’t hold onto the tension and just get on with the next thing.
You don’t need to be flexible, young, or super fit in order to learn the Alexander Technique. You just need to be willing to learn.
I am Jeremy Cassidy and the Alexander Technique has been in my life for several years now. It is something that I come back to every day. I believe that everyone can benefit from the framework of understanding the technique provides. I enjoy exploring the idea’s within it and facilitating others learning of it.
The Alexander Technique is something that has to be experienced first hand. It’s like riding a bike, you can read all the books about how to do it, and watch people doing it on videos, but at the end of the day you have to understand yourself and your relationship to that bike in order to be able to ride it. Likewise, to start learning the Alexander Technique you need to find a teacher who has followed the 3 year training programme that explores the concepts in depth, in order to assist you on your journey.
I give individual lessons in Hackney and Tottenham.
Please explore my website and feel free to contact me for more information, and to book a class.


“Jeremy’s fresh approach helped me to realise that I do not have to do anything. I can just rest on the floor and be who I am, contemplating the ceiling! …” Read more…