06 Feb

Work-Posture Balance

Work takes so many forms and we all bring our own uniqueness to each activity. Looking at the montage of people below, we can see a very diverse set of activities. We may be able to recognise our own patterns in some of what these people are doing.

work-posture montage 1

Looking at photos of others in activity is a useful way to become aware of how we do things. We invariably get so caught up in what we’re doing, that it’s not until we’re in pain, do we become aware of how we’re actually doing something!!

There’s one activity in the montage that I doubt very much anyone reading this will be doing. The woman sitting with a large tube on a stand in front of her.


No, she’s not preparing for her next plumbing project, or a developing a free-energy machine. It’s actually a punched card operator for US census cerca 1940!! Back before even keyboards. It’s interesting to see how the woman looks quite well poised, despite the crazy repetition of the task and level of detail needed.

Just looking at these pictures, you may be changing how you’re sitting or holding your mobile device. It’s like we’re wired to relate what we experience in the world to ourselves. It could be said that what we experience through thoughts, actually manifest in the body, a synergy.

I’m starting a series of introductory courses looking at improving your Work-Posture Balance. The first one will be running for 3 weeks from the 17th February, then on the 9th March.  Check out Courses for more details.



Images from the Pixabay website under Creative Commons CC license.