Courses & Workshops

15th & 22nd March at Grace Baptist Chapel in Tottenham at Napier Road, N17 6XX from 7:30– 9pm.

I’m running a 2 workshops exploring the key principles of Alexander’s Discovery. Each week will focus on a different topic:

  • Starting with becoming aware of habitual patterns. In my blog post, I write about how I’ve found learning touch typing a way of getting to know my habitual pattens.
  • The following week we’ll look at Body Mapping, which is a lovely way to get to know and experience our own anatomy. I introduce this with  in my new blog post “We’re not stick men and women”.

For people who have come before, it will be a chance for you to refresh your experience from previous workshops and deepen your knowledge of yourself through games and exercises. If you haven’t been before, I’ll introduce you to the ideas and give you
plenty of opportunities to explore them and ask questions.

The cost is £20 for the 2 workshops. You can also pay with 3 hours of time credits, or 3 Echos!

Feedback from Previous Attendees

“It’s a really helpful space to ‘recentre’ yourself” Amelia, Bruce Grove

“Very good introduction to awareness and direction towards the Physical – opposed to the mental state. Useful explorations and activities that relate to daily life.” Luke, Bruce Grove

“I really felt your facilitation style was great. The workshop really showed me a lot in a short space of time. So many of us spend so long sitting at a computer these days, I think this is really essential learning and I hope many more people get to experience it.”
Kitty Jackson, Reflexologist from North London

“The workshop is about working with oneself and observing others, being aware of our body and sensations, and is a technique that works with a deep level of awarenes of ourselves. At the same time, the simple excersises give a chance to realise the state of our body, posture, tension, and start to correct in case is necessary.
After the workshop I felt more relax, happy and have somenthing new to apply in my daily life such as observe and improve my posture and breathing when I write or walk.
Jeremy is a very respectful and kind teacher, guiding us to find our comfortable healthy pattern for daily activities, with soft humor and realising that loving what he is doing is the best way to pass it to others.”
Maria Soledad Aparicio, Medical Doctor from Argentina, working with Ayurveda and herbal western medicine. Maria lives in North London.